A Dog's Life


Measure My Dog

Our dogs come in all shapes and sizes and we want your dog to look his or her best and not all trussed up in an outfit that is simply the wrong size. To avoid the frustration of returning an item please check out the information opposite before ordering.

Group 3 Diagram

The Topline is the length of your dog's back, measured along the top of the spine from the withers (point A) - the high part of the back between the shoulders, where the neck joins the body, to the base of the tail (point B) where the tail joins the body.


The Girth (or Chest) measurement is taken all the way around the biggest part of your dog's ribcage, generally just behind the withers (point C) down and around just behind the front legs (point D) and back up the other side to point C.


The Neck is measured at the place where your dog's collar would naturally rest* - from about the top of the chest (point E) to just above the withers (point F) - this measurement is also taken all the way around.